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Sms api

Can I use Indian mobile number to send sms using ringcentral API?


  • Manager   •   almost 3 years ago

    Hi Amit,

    The answer is no. You can use RingCentral SMS API to send text messages from a RingCentral phone number (phone number under your account) to any mobile phone number. However, we don't support sending a text message to an international number.

    + Phong

  •   •   almost 3 years ago

    Thanks got it. I created developer account and got phone number as well. If RingCentral doesn't support sending a text message to an international number(i.e.my Indian phone number), then how should I test my solution ?

  • Manager   •   almost 3 years ago

    You can login to your sandbox account at https://service.devtest.ringcentral.com and add a new user, choose a direct phone number and assign that to the new user. Then download the PC/MacOS RingCentral soft-phone (https://www.ringcentral.com/office/features/softphone/overview.html) to test sending or receiving text messages from/to your bot.
    Remember that the sandbox credentials are different from the login credentials to log into your RingCentral developer account.

  •   •   almost 3 years ago

    I tried to add new user, but I am unable to add as system is not populating area code. Can you please help

  • Manager   •   over 2 years ago

    Did you get my answer from the Glip channel? Could you add a new user now?

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